How it Works

How the wEigh OFF WORKS

The Weigh Off is the only site that verifies your weight loss using the following steps:

  • First create or enter into a weight loss competition based on your goals.
  • There are 2 contest options:
    • A Free contest that requires no scale or video verification
    • A Premium contest that requires verification to win prizes and money.
  • After entering, open our app to begin verifying your weigh ins.
  • Step on the scale to register your weight while the app records your weight.
  • Video records showing your weight and the exact time of the weigh in on the app.
  • Preview your weigh in on the app and accept or reweigh yourself

Our Scale & APP

  • The scale’s Bluetooth connectivity to our app transmits your video & weight.
  • There are two ways to verify your weight:
    • Open the app and have someone record your official weigh in.
    • If you don’t have anyone to record your video use our phone stand.
  • Stepping on the scale will begin recording the video on the app.
  • Once the scale registers at 0.00 lbs step on the scale right away.
  • The video will record for 8 seconds once you tap the scale.
  • Once you are done weighing in, view your weigh in on the app
  • The app will show your weight and time of weigh in on the screen.
  • If you are happy with your weigh in, submit the video, if not start over.
  • Learn more (Official weigh in rules using scale and App)


  • Enter into a free or premium contest to lose weight or maintain your weight.
  • You can challenge others to many types of contests.
    • Such as One vs One, Group, and Team Contests
  • Meet the contest goal and you win, if you don’t you lose.
  • Premium participants must use our Scale and App to play in these contests.
  • You can view all participants weigh ins for a fair and level competition.
  • Learn more (Official rules on participating in a Weigh Off)


  • To win cash and rewards on our platform you must purchase our scale.
  • To win, all you need to do is meet the contest goal weight.
  • All contestants that fail to meet the contest goals will lose their contest entry fees.
  • All winners split contest fees from all participants failing to reach goal.
  • How do you play?
    • Its easy! Step on the scale to register your weight while the app records you.
    • The video records you, showing weight and exact time of weigh in on the app.
  • Learn more (Official rules on cash and rewards)

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