Easy to Create Contests

Play contests against friends and family, no scale required:

  • Solo – Challenge your self to meet your weight loss goals.
  • Head to head – One on one challenge competing to reach weight loss goal.
  • Group – 3 or more competitors competing to reach their weight loss goals
  • Team – 2 or more teams compete against each other to reach weight loss goals.

Interactive Dashboard

  • Mange your weight ins
  • Manage your active contest
  • Challenge others to a weight loss contest
  • View your results
  • Learn more

Contest Lobby

  • Free contest for users who want to compete without our scale.
  • Compete for cash and prizes for users who own our scale with our premium and featured contest.
  • Premium contest users who have scale compete for cash and prizes.
  • Featured contest-Special host, and sponsored contest compete for cash and prizes.
  • Learn more


  • To win cash and rewards on our platform you must purchase our scale.
  • To win, all you need to do is meet the contest goal weight.
  • All contestants that fail to meet the contest goals will lose their contest entry fees.
  • All winners split contest fees from all participants failing to reach goal.
  • How do you play?
    • Its easy! Step on the scale to register your weight while the app records you.
    • The video records you, showing weight and exact time of weigh in on the app.
  • Learn more (Official rules on cash and rewards)

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